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Tinnitus Sound


Oticon Tinnitus Sound app presents a selection of sounds to decrease the annoyance of tinnitus, to provide temporary relief.This type of sound therapy is central to many tinnitus management strategies because sound helps to shift attention away from tinnitus.This app allows you to create a Sound plan. Sounds can be organised according to sound type (soothing, interesting or background sound) or according to situations when a particular sound or sounds are preferred.
The app is targeted towards people diagnosed with tinnitus (>18 years old). Tinnitus Sound app is a tool intended to generate sounds to provide temporary relief to patients suffering from tinnitus as part of a tinnitus management plan provided by a Hearing Care Professional familiar with the diagnosis and management of tinnitus.
The app includes two exercises to help you relax and stay calm.
The app is intended to be used with Oticon wireless hearing tinnitus aids connected to Oticon Streamer Pro.